Our association, our project

The « Alliance française de Lille » Association was founded on the 15th of November 2013 by about twenty volunteers.
It has set itself a target : to contribute to Lille’s international influence.
In order to do so, it wishes to become a French language school teaching French as a foreign language to foreigners living in Lille (expatriates, expatriates’ families, students…) or those staying in Lille for a precise period of time.
It aims to become a resource center for French as a foreign language which provides documents, teaching materials, and training sessions for associations and institutions teaching French as a foreign language for people who suffer from impairment or people who physically cannot access the resources.
Finally, the Alliance française de Lille intends to become an advocate for cultural diversity in Lille by enabling its learners to not only discover French culture but also the regional identity, named ch’ti, while taking part in Lille’s everyday life.