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Living in Lille

To come to France

To come to France


To come to Lille, you must inquire at the Consulate or the Embassy of your country, about  steps to take before your departure.


Obtaining a visa is compulsory for many countries. The steps are sometimes long, you have to do it in advance.


The Alliance française de Lille is not responsible for these procedures and cannot carry them out.


On request, the Alliance Française can issue a registration certificate once the registration fees have been paid. This certificate can be attached to the visa application file.


The certificate can facilitate the process but is in no way an insurance to have a visa automatically.


Check with the authorities in your country.



Accommodation is free and the Alliance française does not offer any accommodation solution.  To prepare  your stay, do not hesitate to visit the following sites:

For short stays: 

- Youth hostels :

Youth hostel Stéphane Hessel,  Gastama

- Rental of apartments or rooms:

Bedycasa,  Co-hosting,  Airbnb

- Rental of aparthotels: 

Appart'City,  Resid'hotel Lille Vauban,  city cars

- Couchsurfing

For longer stays :

- Gotoo : rental agency for students

- Passnord : relocation agency in Lille

- Le bon coin: the French site for classified ads between individuals.     Flatshares        Rentals

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